Life Video

By Ben Walley

This is the heart-warming moment a woman surprises her sister for her 40th birthday by flying 11,000 miles after four years apart.

Ahead of her milestone birthday, Antonia Furlong was completely unaware her husband had arranged for her sibling Helena Cullen to fly from Matakana, New Zealand to their home in Bristol.

Stepping into the living room on November 17, 2017, Antonia’s husband tells her he has picked up something from London and points into another room.

Spotting her 42-year-old sister, she screams in happiness before they both hug and laugh uncontrollably after so long apart.

Antonia said: “Seeing Helena was the best feeling ever.

“I was completely stunned and couldn’t stop crying happy tears.

“Nobody in the family apart from my husband knew she was in the country so it was a surprise for everyone else.

“She was the birthday gift that kept on giving just by seeing their reactions.”

Antonia may not have had any idea her sister was visiting, but she sensed something was being planned.

She said: “I did start getting emails alerting me of flight prices from London to Auckland.

“I just assumed my husband was buying me a ticket to visit Helena instead.

“I loved having her over, but I had all these appointments she had to join me on.

“After 15 minutes together, it was like we’d never been apart.”