Video Viral

By Mikey Jones

A Smart car driver is showing other’s how to fit into a tight space – if you’re willing to crash into a few cars in the process!

The driver, who was parking on a street in Nice, France, can be seen reversing her car in and out of a tight space trying to park.

Pic by Keith Kosowski / Caters News

However, the driver can also be seen backing into the cars that are parked either side of her – showing no signs of stopping when she touches the others.

This footage was taken by Keith Kosowski who was on holiday in Nice with his wife and children.

Keith, 33, said: “My wife asked me to start the video because of how impossible the situation looked, and we were shocked to see the driver complete it.

Pic by Keith Kosowski / Caters News

“I wouldn’t have been happy if I had witnessed someone backing into my car a few times – no matter how slowly!

“We are not used to seeing the polite tapping of the front and rear car, which can be seen in the video, but we have since witnessed two different Smart cars successfully taking the same spot using the same technique.”