Offbeat Video

By Hayley Pugh 

Meet the little girl who shuns expensive toys and games and loves nothing more than TOILET ROLL.

Little Maggie Mullan has Autism and loves repeating patterns and soft objects – making loo roll her all time favourite toy.

Pic by Mikey Jones/ Caters News

The eight-year-old, who has Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorder and Hyperactivity Disorder, can often be found building chairs, forts and castles from toilet roll at her home in Telford, Shropshire and even built a huge den made from around 50 rolls in her bedroom.

Mum, Hannah Whitmore, 31, said: “The SPD effects her in a way that means she only likes soft things. She’ll only wear soft clothes and have soft blankets so I think that why the toilet roll appeals so much.

“She loves making patterns and building things but bricks and lego are hard so loo roll is perfect.

“It all started when she was around two, we have a toilet roll holder in the bathroom which holds about eight rolls and every night she would get up at like 3am and build something with the rolls on the cistern before taking herself back off to bed.

Pic by Mikey Jones/ Caters News

“We would wake up to a little loo roll sculpture each morning.

“Since then we’ve just gone with it because it makes her so happy. As she has gotten older she’s become more and more creative with her builds though.

“These days we’re allowed to move and use the ones in the toilet but she doesn’t like us moving the ones in her room or anything so if we run out, I still have to pop to the shop even though we have dozens in the house.”

The youngster loves the bog standard household staple so much, her family and friends even collected thousands of rolls to build a surprise igloo for her this Christmas – the only thing on her list to Santa.

Pic by Caters News

Dozens of people and local business all donated to the cause and Hannah said the igloo, which is in her grandmother’s house, will most likely have to stay up forever now.

She added: “Our friends and family are used to finding loo rolls all over our house now but when people visit for the first time we do get some strange looks.

“People usually just find it quite funny and fascinating though really.”

Maggie has an older sister, nine-year-old Annie and a younger step-sister, four-year-old Angel.

Mum, Hannah, said the girls often played with the loo roll together.

Pic by Mikey Jones/ Caters News

She added: “Sometimes it’s hard for Annie to find common ground with Maggie so it’s nice that building things from toilet roll is a bit of a bonding experience for them.

“As for Angel, it’s all she’s really known so she is just used to it now.

“Maggie also dislikes loud noises so the toilet rolls work perfectly. She will barricade herself in and it’s like a little soundproof area for her to play.

“It’s absolutely mad but while for some they might just be toilet rolls, for her, they’re something she can play with.”