Life Video


By David Aspinall

This heart-warming footage shows the moment a man hears for the first time in 30 years with his family surrounding him.

Having contracted spinal meningitis at 14-months-old, Joey Augusta was left with just 50% hearing in his right ear before receiving an implant on March 21 2012.

Just 30 minutes after it was activated, the 31-year-old is overcome with emotion as he realises he can tell the difference between different people’s voices for the first time.

Composing himself, the audiologist begins to read out the names of colours, so he can repeat the sound and, after an initial mix-up, he reels them all off before breaking down into tears again.

After a quick pan of the room, the camera reveals there isn’t a dry eye in the house as Joey’s family react to this momentous occasion.

Joey, from Austin, Texas, USA, said: “It was overwhelming to be able to hear things I’d never experienced before.

“Just little things like leaves blowing in the wind, a clock ticking, birds chirping.

“Everything was amazing.

“Finally, I didn’t have to rely on lip reading as much.”