Life Video

By Josh Saunders

An amazing teenage boy born with severely twisted arms and legs dreams of becoming a professional swimmer.

Despite being paralysed from the waist-down and confined to a wheelchair, Moin Juned, 19, is determined to fulfil his lifelong ambition.


It’s believed his condition was caused by Osteogenesis imperfecta, a bone disorder that has left his limbs crossed over one another and drastically distorted out of position.

Moin’s deformities mean he is dependent on mum and carer Kosar Junedi, who helps him with basic daily activity – as after 15 surgeries doctors have said there’s ‘nothing more they can do’.

But the strong-minded college student is positive about his future and even dreams of becoming a professional swimmer.

In heart-warming footage shot by Amit Rao, 30, the video journalist captured Moin performing backstroke in front of a crowd at a nearby swimming pool.

Amit, from Udaipur in Rajasthan, India, said: “Moin cannot do anything without assistance and cannot move from below the waist.


“He is bound to his mother, who will always have to help him for and he cannot go anywhere without his wheelchair.

“Despite this, he is not disappointed at all, he keeps thinking positively all the time and currently he is studying at college.

“Moin has always wanted to become a swimmer since childhood.

“His mother helps him with swimming, helping to lower him into the water and then taking him out.

“He has been this way since childhood, his body has always had folded hands.

“There is no such surgery to help him in India and it’s uncertain what can be done to help him, doctors have refused any surgery options.”