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By Taniya Dutta

A frail Indian teen has created the world record for lifting 122.22 lbs weight with only his shoulder blades.

Abhishek Choubey, 19, performed the Herculean task in his hometown of Madhya Pradesh in central India in August this year.

Pic By Abhisheck Choubay/ Caters News:

But the young lad had to wait for 84 days for the recognition of his stunt by the Guinness World Records.

Abhishek dubbed as ‘Steel Blades’ began the stunt in a squat position with a wooden block with a hook stuck between his scapula and held the weight for a whopping 20 seconds.

He broke the previous record of pulling 113.32 lbs by shoulder blades held by a Chinese man Feng Yixi.

The second year commerce student had earlier pulled a 1050 kg car with his shoulder blades to set a Guinness World Record.

Pic By Abhisheck Choubay/ Caters News

Abhishek said: ” I am extremely happy to have been able to pull it off. This was my dream and I am overwhelmed. It feels great to be recognised.”

Despite his thin frame, the boy won hearts of many with his remarkable show of muscle but admitted it was no mean feat.

Abhishek said: “I worked really hard to build the stamina. I woke up at 4:30 am every morning and did yoga for an hour before running for five kilometres. I am glad I could outperform myself.”

Abhishek started pulling small stones and later children sitting in chairs and tables for fun with his shoulder blades.

However, gradually the adrenaline rush and applause from peers encouraged him to take bigger challenges.

Pic By Abhisheck Choubay/ Caters News

He said: “It all started as a game. I would ask my friends to sit in chairs and pull them for applause. But slowly the game turned into passion and I started challenging my strength.

“I first pulled a vehicle some eight years ago. It was a motorbike. Then I pulled a Maruti Suzuki Alto weighing around 900 kg. Then in 2015, I pulled two cars weighing 1500 kg together.”

Apart from the world record, the boy wants to entertain people with his amazing talent on national televisions shows like India’s Got Talent-the Indian equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent.