Video Viral

BY Ben Walley

Watch the shocking moment a driver towing a car overtakes a line of traffic whilst travelling at speeds of 70mph.

The impatient driver speeds past the cars, whilst the towed car follows connected by a rope.

Gabor Dallos, 40 caught the shocking moment on his dashcam whilst driving.


The appalled motorist from Budapest said: “I was driving toward the city of Debrecen in Budapest, and I spotted this vehicle were behind me for a while.

“I’m guessing the guy was in a rush and didn’t want to go slow anymore so went for a stupid overtake past many cars.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it, it just baffled me that someone could be in such a rush that they’d do something so stupid.

“It was very dangerous – imagine if they split apart or lost control and swerved into other cars – and it could have ended very badly.”