Amazing Video

By Ben Walley 

This kiteboarder is really flying high – using the wind to get some serious air above the waves.

Eric Rienstra took a couple of days to check out Rhosneigr beach in North Wales before competing in a round of the Kite Park League World Tour.

The professional kiteboarder, who took up the sport when he was just 14, filmed himself performing some amazing jumps and flips while being carried over rocky outcrops by a fierce wind.

PIC FROM Caters News

Taking on some taller boulders, he lands on top of them before flipping off and touching back down in the water.

After checking out the competition area, he even had enough energy to surf a few waves back into the beach.

Eric finished sixth in the Kite Park League World Tour 2017.

Eric, 29, said: “I was in the UK for the fourth and final stop of the Kite Park League World Tour and arrived at Rhosneigr Beach a few days early to get the lay of the land.

“The park wasn’t in the water yet so I explored the area looking for various rock stalls and gaps.

“At the end of the day the waves really picked up so I put the kite down and grabbed a surfboard and paddled out to catch one of the monsters.

PIC FROM Caters News

“The wave kept reforming so it must have been the longest wave I have ever ridden.”

Eric got into wind sports because of his parents, who are both windsurfers. However, he switched to kiteboarding in 2003 took it up full time three years later.

In 2008 he picked up sponsorship to allow him to travel the world, competing in and judging kiteboarding competitions.

He said: “Since I had been snowboarding and windsurfing since I was a toddler it was pretty easy to transition to kiteboarding but it is still such a unique skill that it took time to perfect.

“My videos are more on the creative side rather than skill.

“While some things I do take a lot of awareness, timing and commitment, there are others that are a lot more technical that I can’t do yet.”