Video Viral

By Ben Walley

This hilarious footage follows an angry dad losing his temper in expletive-fuelled rants while trying to set up a TV box.

As Sophie Vango’s dad tries to fit her new Sky Q box at home in Essex, he quickly receives an error message flag up leaving him angry and hits the top of the machine.

After lifting the TV off the 18-year-old’s wall, the furious father boots some stray wires into the corner and even threatens to ‘pick him up and f**k him off up the road’.

Following multiple days’ worth of effort, including being on the phone to the company’s customer services, the 42-year-old finally fixes it and finishes with a flurry of curse words.

Sophie said: “My dad’s funny and he’s up for a laugh but he can lose his temper.

“He gets angry all the time, me and my mum just laugh at him.

“The box sometimes won’t turn on and this was something like the tenth time he’d tried to fix it.

“He was trying for half hour and nothing would happen and my dad’s good at fixing things so that’s why he got angry.

“I couldn’t stop laughing as he progressively got more and more angry.

“He did finally get it sorted though and its working again.”