By Kristiana Hall 

These robins are so admiring if this mini snowman – it’s almost as though they built it themselves.

The small birds are fascinated by the tiny snowman as they perch nearby – or even on top of him.

The cheery looking figure, who has a baby carrot for a nose and lopsided smile, almost looks as though he is saying hello to them all.

Jorn Allan Pedersen / Caters News

In fact, the birds came to check out their new friend after he was built by a small boy playing in the snow.

The perfect Christmas card picture was taken by Jørn Allen Pedersen, 56, outside his cabin in Hafjell, Norway.

Jørn said: “The mini snowman was built by my grandchild, and we always have plenty of bird surrounding our cabin.

“We always put food out food for the birds and they just keep coming back for more.

“I was looking out of the window to see what the weather was like and I saw the birds circling the snowman.

Jorn Allan Pedersen / Caters News

“It was a lovely Christmas feeling.

“I have loved the outdoors as long as I can remember, and I started to hunt animals and so learned how to get close to animals without them noticing.

“After a time I decided I did not want to hurt animals anymore and wanted to be close to them and to capture their magic. That’s when I started to take pictures.”