By Jamie Smith

This owl has amazing flexibility – as it can be seen twisting its head completely upside down, and back again.

These stunning photographs picture just how flexible owls can be, showing one owl with a very twisty head!

Caters News

Caters News

The set of pictures show the various ways in which this beautiful bird can look at it’s targets – whether that’s upside down or at an angle.

These photographs were taken in north-eastern France by photographer Alain Balthazard.

Alain said: “These photographs show a curious short-eared owl who seeks to find out what is in front of him.

Caters News

Caters News

“The short-eared owl is a bird that camouflages quite well, but when he feels observed he turns his head to try and identify what comes before him.

“This is something that I meet quite often in the field when I observe them, but it is always quite impressive to see this amazing behaviour.

“My favourite photograph is the one where he turns his head in the horizontal and vertical direction.”