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By Charlotte Nisbet

An adorable toddler has become best friends with his Great Dane – and the pair are now inseparable.

Landon Weisman, who is just 18 months old, and Great Dane, Fen, plucked up their unlikely friendship from the moment they met in 2015.

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Their parents, Laura and Jon, both 33, believe Landon started walking thanks to watching Fen and now claim they’re always up to mischief.

Landon loves nothing more than holding Fen’s lead while they’re on walks and allowing him to eat of his plate at dinner time.

Despite the pooch being almost 3ft tall – twice the size of a normal dog – Landon has never been wary of his best friend’s stature.

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The pair even have their own Instagram to document their adventures.

Their mum, Laura, said: “Fen slept next to Fen’s cot from the moment we bought him home from hospital.

“We haven’t forced their bond at all and they naturally enjoy spending time with each other.

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“Landon will yell if Fen is barking, it’s so funny just watching them.

“Even though he’s only 18 months old, Landan will happily hold Fen’s lead when we’re out on walks.

“The height difference doesn’t bother Landon either and he was so keen to start playing outside with him that it didn’t take long before he started walking.

“They’re such good buddies, they love eating waffles, playing catch and cuddling.”

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Fen, who is six years old, loves being dressed up with Landon for special occasions and Laura ensures they wear the same outfit.

Laura, who works in sales, said: “We dress them both up for Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

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“They both love it and it’s so adorable to see them both, little and large in the same outfits.”

Landon is so used to Fen’s size that the calls other dogs cats and has no fear of any animals.

Laura added: “It’s lovely that Landon isn’t scared of animals thanks to Fen.

“The pair follow me around the house all day long but I don’t mind, I’m used to it now.

“We had so much interest in their friendship that I decided to set up an Instagram page for them.

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“We’ve had a great response so far and even though we get some comments from people that suggest we shouldn’t leave Landon alone with Fen, we ignore them.

“Fen is the gentlest dog in the world and we’re never far away when they’re together.

“We’ll continue to post online for as long as they both enjoy spending all their time together.

“I work part time but I will post a new image online every few days to keep their followers up to date with their adventures.

“Even though they’re an unlikely best friend duo, they’re definitely the cutest.”

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