Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This tenacious white German shepherd cheerily drags a massive stick behind her while her owner laughs.

Undeterred by the muddy fields around Byrom Hall Forest, Warrington, Hero the persistent pooch runs around the corner to owner Harriet Morris.

Dragging a massive stick reminiscent of a tree trunk behind her, the six-year-old cloud-like canine trots past.

Even with a huge log in her mouth, Hero clearly has a huge grin on her face as Harriet giggles in the background.

Harriet said: “I couldn’t stop laughing tomorrow.

“Not a day goes by without her dragging a huge branch somewhere or jumping in a muddy puddle.

“She seeks them out.

“I’d only just seen the branch when I took the video, but she continued to drag it around our whole walk.

“I love her so much, even when she’s trying to knock my feet from under me.”