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By Nelson Groom

A farmer mum has let her tiny baby become unlikely best friends with a 500kg cow – proving best friends do come in all shapes and sizes.

Nine-month-old Robert begins every day with Chicken the 17-year-old cow on his family’s dairy farm in Colac, regional Victoria, Australia.

Christabell Craig / Caters News

His mum Christabel Craig, who is originally from Norfolk in the UK, has denied there is anything dangerous about their bond – and said Chicken is a ‘gentle giant’.

Christabel, 32, said: “I trusted Chicken with myself, she’s a very gentle cow. So one day I sat Rob next to her before morning milking.

“He was fine, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t trust her. He just started chatting to her like she knew what he was on about. That’s how their friendship started.

“Now they meet every morning. Rob is only happy once he’s seen her”

Christabell Craig / Caters News

Rob and Chicken love nothing more than talking shop, cuddling and helping Christabel and husband Brett around the farm.

But though the pals only met face to face four months ago, their special connection predates Rob’s birth.

Christabel said Chicken would even rest her head on her baby bump throughout her pregnancy – as if getting ready to welcome him into the world.

And now, Chicken has followed in Christabel’s footsteps and given birth to her very own calf.

Christabel added: “She’s in a springer paddock, she’s about to have a baby herself. Who knows if I inspired her, cows all have their own personalities.”