Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This feline thief is a real cat bagel-er as he tries to steal a bread roll from behind a laptop.

Out of sight, Mew Mew the malevolent moggy sits behind Kelley Fultz’s computer in Blacklick, Ohio, USA, she gets a whiff of baked goods.

Obviously hungry, the cheeky two-year-old tuxedo cat reaches out a paw and grabs the corner of the parchment paper and pulls the snack towards herself.

Despite Kelley retrieving her food, Mew Mew continually snatches the meal before her owner drags it away, even ripping the paper.

Kelley, 38, said: “I died laughing.

“I was working and gobbling up soup from Panera and Mew decided she wanted that piece of bread.

“She was hiding behind my laptop for about 10 minutes, watching said bread, before trying to sneakily thieve it from me.

“Mew always does this sort of thing.

“My son rescued her from a terrible living situation and brought her to stay with me about a year and a half ago.

“I discovered right away that she is a fan of all human food.

“She wants to eat almost everything I eat.”