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cat reunite family

By Christina Wood

This is the emotional moment an elderly couple are reunited with their 17-year-old missing cat after NINE YEARS of thinking she had been hit by a car.

Peter and Yvonne Best, both 76, got the shock of their lives when they received a call last month telling them their beloved tabby Cleo had been found.

The 17-year-old cat disappeared in 2008 and despite a flyer-campaign was never found, so the couple feared she had been hit by a car or caught by a large fox that had been spotted in the area.

But last month Cleo was brought into Wood Green The Animals Charity in Godmanchester, Cambs, as a stray.

Luckily she was micro-chipped and the animal shelter were able to tracks down Peter and Yvonne, who are now back to taking care of Cleo.

cat reunite family


Peter, from Peterborough, said: “We thought she had been hit by a car or that a fox had got her because there was a big fox roaming the house at the time.

“We tried to find her. We posted letters round and we asked neighbours but we never expected to find her.

“When we got the call we were shocked. It was a really big surprise. They [Wood Green] described her on the phone and we knew it had to be her.

“We were worried that we wouldn’t recognise her but we knew it was definitely Cleo immediately. It was magical.”

Cleo was originally found in Peterborough by somebody who took the cat in and cared for her for four years after assuming the tabby was a stray.

When the carer died, their neighbour looked after Cleo for another four years before deciding she needed better care and took her to Wood Green’s animal shelter last month.

cat reunite with family


After she was taken to the shelter, Cleo was scanned for a microchip, which led them to Peter and Yvonne.

Peter, a former financial accountant, said: “We don’t have any other pets. We live on a busy road so we didn’t want to get any more animals.

“She does quite a lot of the things that she used to. She insists on coming up to our bed and when I go upstairs she has to come with me.

“I don’t know if she recognises us but she is quite content with us and it is great to have her back. It’s marvellous. I can’t believe it.”

A spokesperson for Wood Green The Animals Charity, said:  “Some cats have large territories and will soon realise which houses they are welcomed and given food at.

“This can encourage them away from their actual home and mistakenly thought of by caring neighbours as a stray.

“I would highly encourage anyone who has taken in a stray cat or feeding a stray cat to take it to your nearest veterinary practice to get it scanned for a microchip for free, so that it can be reunited with its owners quickly. This is why it so important to get your cat microchipped.”