Offbeat Video

By Jasmine Kazlauskas

This Ukrainian traveller has been hailed the most glamourous snake catcher ever after she fearlessly snared a gigantic python in a stylish dress and stiletto heels.

Tetiana Nazarova, 24, conquered her lifetime fear of snakes by successfully capturing a massive 2.5 metre (8ft) carpet snake in a backyard two weeks ago in Cleveland, Brisbane, Australia.


The customer service worker said she had never dreamed she would ever go near a snake due to her overwhelming fear but after snake catcher friend Supa Tony, 35, got a sudden call to attend a relocation job while the pair were admiring the sunset, she decided to tag along for the experience.

Coming straight from work decked out in an LBD and elegant heels, Tetiana didn’t look like your average Aussie snake catcher but as this viral footage shows she managed to get the job done in style.
Now the brave woman has conquered her lifelong fear of snakes and has no qualms about holding the slithering reptiles in her hands.

Tetiana said: “I’ve always been absolutely terrified of snakes and I could never even look at them in books or on television.


“I was admiring the sunset with my friend when all of a sudden he got a call to remove a snake from someone’s backyard and asked me to join him.

“I went along thinking I would just check it out from a far but then he asked me if I wanted to have a turn at placing it into the bag.

“At first, I thought no way, I don’t want to go near it.

“But I’m that sort of person who likes to take chances and conquer my fears, so I just braved up and went for it.

“I couldn’t believe I actually caught it and it was quite fun. Now I’m no longer scared of snakes at all, I’ve completely conquered my fear.

“I’ve realized that they’re actually gorgeous creatures. I was out hiking last week with Supa and we came across the amazing python and I got to hold it. I’m not scared at all anymore.”

Carpet pythons can grow up to a whopping four metres (14ft) in length.


While they are not typically considered dangerous because their venom is not poisonous, but they have been known to kill people by wrapping themselves around them and crushing them to death.

Kiev-born Tetiana moved to Australia three years ago after living in America and Canada.

And while she has been able to successfully conquer her lifelong fear of snakes, the young woman admits she is still frightened of spiders.

She said: “I was a little scared coming to Australia because you always hear about the snakes and spiders, along with all the other weird animals and insects.

“I am still absolutely terrified of spiders and I think that is my next fear to overcome.


“I’ve learnt from this experience that action cures fear, so I will have to face up to a spider next time.”