Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

These golden retrievers just can’t contain their excitement as their doggy friend comes over for a playdate.

The three dogs bark happily at their door – knowing who’s behind it – and then when it finally opens all four dogs are reunited in an adorable frenzy of bounding and barking.

Kim Shumacher, the owner of three of the dogs: Annie, Tucker and Ashley, had arranged the playdate for the birthday of the fourth dog – Lexi.

Kim, who lives in California, said: “I have had Tucker and Annie since they were puppies and I love this video as it shows true happiness in their love of Lexi and her human mommy.

“The birthday party was for Lexi – she likes to come play quite often and they always react the same way.

“The footage was taken on November 2016 in my home and there were four dogs in the video: Tucker, 5, his sister Annie, 5, and Ashley, 9.

Their friend Lexi is also nine and Cathy Craig is  Lexi’s human mommy.”