Animals Video

By Liam Geraghty

This stunned driver felt the full horse of the law after encountering four horses hoofing it away from the police in a bizarre head-on police chase down an A road.

Michael Curtis, 40, from Ashington, Northum, was leaving for work at 4am on the deserted A189 Spine Road when he saw blue lights coming towards him on December 22 last year.

The bleary-eyed baker could not believe his eyes when he spotted four houses galloping across the tarmac with a Northumberland Police vehicle in tow.

But there was not much horsepower on show in the low-speed pursuit.

Michael, who shared dashboard camera footage of the unusual encounter earlier this month, insisted that the police’s intervention saved him from careering into the horses in a potentially serious collision.

Michael said: “I was just going to work as I do at the same time every other day and it is regularly very quiet at that time, particularly in this part of the world.

“I was driving along and saw a driver coming the other way flash his lights and wave his arm out of the window and thought that was a bit odd.

“Then I saw an oncoming vehicle with flashing blue lights and that was all I could see.

“It was only when I got 15-20 metres away that I saw the horses and that was a bit startling and a bit of a shock because you are going at about 60mph on that round normally.

“I thought that the police would have blocked it off because the horses were coming into oncoming traffic.”

Michael insists that the odd video has been a hit with fellow dashboard camera users as well as his family.

And the motorist praised the police for drawing attention to the problem and helping him to avoid a collision with the runaway mares.

Michael added: “It was all quite bizarre and when I shared it, I got the usual horse jokes that you would expect so people seemed to enjoy it.

“I hadn’t shown anyone the video to anyone outside my family until this week and they have all had a laugh about it.

“But it was a good job that the police were there because I could have crashed into one of them.

“It is a funny video but it could easily have turned more serious – I believe that there has been a fatal collision between a car and a horse on that road in the past.”

Northumbria Police were contacted for comment.