By Michael Scott

These incredible ‘pine cone’ style cabins are certainly unusual and they’re made to fit perfectly into the background of the Italian Alps.

Pic from Caters News 

Hovering around four meters above the ground, the structure looks almost otherworldly despite it’s natural theme.

The cage-like structures are nestled between the trees and each hosts an entire little apartment with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom.

Pic from Caters News 

At 35 square meter over three floors each, there’s quite a lot of space considering you’re living in a pine cone.

On the third floor sits the bedroom – a double bed is sat beneath a lofty skylight so you can stare up into the expansive night sky in the mountains

Pic from Caters News

The kitchen and living room sit on the second floor and on the first floor you can view the stunning panoramic scenery from all 360 degrees on the open air platform.

Made from xlam wood and insulated with wooden fiber, the treehouses are covered with wooden shingles that match the curved shape of the treehouse.

Pic from Caters News

The tree house project is named Pigna and was designed by the Italian firm Architetto Beltrame Claudio.