Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This German Shepherd looks majestic as he contemplates life while snow falls on his face.

While out on a walk through the winter wonderland of Helsinki, Finland, Julius stopped and took in the sights.

Mesmerised by the flakes falling over his furry snout, the one-year-old appears to be deep in thought.

Not wanting to disturb his peace, owner Linda Pajaa allowed her beloved Julius to stare into the snow, only blinking momentarily to clear a rogue flake from his eyes.

Linda said: “Julius absolutely loves snow.

“He always wants to run in it and catch snowballs that are thrown for him.

“I saw him watching the flakes fall down and it was such a calm and quiet moment.

“I thought ‘I need to capture that’.

“Julius is a very special dog; his personality is so wonderful.

“Very loving and loyal, yet always ready for a new adventure.

“I always have him with me at work and he has charmed all my customers with his big heart and wet kisses.”