Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

Could this be the biggest and best cheeseburger in the world?

This massive cheeseburger includes four beef patties, four slices of three-year-old cheddar, eight pieces of bacon, maple syrup and two fried eggs – all sandwiched between two massive chunks of brie.

Pic by Grace Pan/Caters News

The mouth-watering burger was taste tested by Mike – who managed to devour the entire burger which was created at Holy Chuck Burgers in Toronto, Canada.

Grace Pan filmed the mission taking place, showing the burger being initially made and then truly scoffed down.

Grace said: “The burger wasn’t an official menu item, but it took only twenty minutes to make.

Pic by Grace Pan/Caters News

“Our taster, Mike, came all the way from the United States to try the burger and he loved it!

“He killed the entire burger and, as you can see in the video, he thought it tasted great.

“Despite Mike eating it on this occasion, I would definitely like to try it sometime.”