Animals Video

By Sophie Norris

This adorable puppy looks like he’s been partying too hard as he struggles to take a walk across wooden flooring.

Ulysees the pit bull couldn’t balance on his paws on the slippy floor aged just three days old.


Foster mum Rosalyn Rombauer, 32, filmed the pup eighteen months ago after she was reunited with the pooch last week in Seattle, Washington.

Ulysees was one of more than 100 dogs she has cared for in the last decade and claims he was the ‘smartest’ of his litter.

Rosalyn said: “Ulysees was the first of the nine puppies to start walking. He was the most mobile one of the group and I’d say it took him three days to really get the hang of it.

“The floor was slippery because I have laminate so he was sliding all over the place and when I took that video, I was trying my best not to laugh.

“I’d spent the whole time in hysterics. It was so cute watching him scooting around.

“Within three days he’d gone from being unable to feed properly, let alone walk. By day five, he’d fully mastered it.

“I hate to say it but Ulysees was by far the smartest of the lot. He learnt to walk then the rest of the litter followed. He was very active.


“Most of the time I put blankets down to help the puppies so it’s easier but I didn’t on that particular day.

“When he was that small he liked to make a lot of cute noises. He was always quite vocal.

“I live on half an acre so I’d start on one fence and run to the other side. All nine of the puppies would follow me like a flock of ducks from one side to the other.”

Rosalyn, who runs a children’s play centre and creative camps, currently fosters kittens as well as puppies and shares their care with her lodgers.

She claims she will always treasure her time with Ulysees’ litter because her grandma played with them just before she died.

Rosalyn said: “The litter of puppies that Ulysees belonged to was born 18 months ago.

“In the city where they were born there is a legislation against pit bulls.

“I’ve always been an advocate for the breed but because these pups were born in east Washington, they wouldn’t have been able to be adopted so I decided to take them on for a while until they found a home.

“They had to stay with me from three days old until 10 weeks. Ulysees’ litter got kennel cough because they were born in a shelter.


“I had to milk the mum by hand so the puppies could live because they were too weak to feed from her. I had to bottle feed most of them.

“One of the greatest things about fostering that litter was my grandma [Maryanne Rombauer] would play with them. She passed away just before they got adopted.

“I’ll always remember Ulysees as one of my favourites. When my grandma died, I was crying and Ulysees came over and licked me.

“I’ll never forget that – it was exactly what I needed.

“I was going through this heart-breaking thing and they made the world seem better.

“Even if you are struggling, you come home to them and it’s really nice.”


Eighteen months after the pups were all adopted, Rosalyn still fosters puppies and had been out at a local dog park when she spotted Ulysees

with his walker.

As soon as the lively mutt spotted her, she claims he ran the length of the park to greet her.

Rosalyn said: “I saw Ulysees a few weeks ago with his dog walker and he recognised me immediately. He ran from the other side of a 34-acre park.

“It was cool. The park was full, all these dogs were running around and he ran right to me wagging his tail.

“He’s a year and a half now. It’s so nice to see the puppies I’ve fostered around town and keep in touch with most of them.”