Life Video


By Bilal Kuchay 

An Indian woman miraculously survived after falling over a five-foot-long iron rod that impaled through her chest and came out of her neck. 

Radhika Devi, 45, was going down the stairs quickly from the terrace of her house in Bihar in eastern India when she slipped and fell over a half built pillar with reinforcing rods. 


The iron rod that was peeking out of the pillar pierced through her chest and came out of her neck. 

As the woman cried for help, shocked neighbours quickly ran for her help.

Instead of pulling her out of the pillar, they wisely cut the metal rod using an axe and brought her with the remaining rod still in her body to Udyan Hospital in Patna.

A team of ENT specialists and General surgeon at the hospital immediately conducted a CT Scan and performed a three-hour-long surgery to safely remove the rod from Radhika’s body. 

The woman had lost a lot of blood when she was brought to the hospital but doctors said she is out of danger now and is recovering fast. 

She has been kept on intensive care unit where doctors are monitoring her condition. 


Dr Niraj Kumar said: “She was bleeding profusely but was conscious. The rod has pierced through the right of her chest and came out of her neck on the other side. 

“At first we thought the damage was serious. 

“We immediately conducted CT Scan to find out what all parts were affected. Luckily there was no such severity. 

“We wasted no time in operating on her to remove the rod. 

“She is out of danger now. 

“She is lucky that no one tried to pull out the rod and people took her to the hospital. In such cases, it is advisable to bring patients to hospitals as pulling out the rod can further complicate the case and prove fatal.”