Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

 This daring Italian inventor firmly believes that two hands are better than one, so much so that he has created the world’s first double bionic hand.


Federico Ciccarese and his team at YouBionic are, in Federico’s words, hoping to ‘improve the abilities of the human race,’ blurring the lines between man and machine with their latest project. 

Providing the user with dual grip, Federico believes his 3-D-printed double bionic hand multiplies the native capacity of human beings, while also proving the idea that our brains can handle far more than what we currently believe. 

Allowing the user to use just one of the hands, or both simultaneously, Federico’s design certainly provides its operator with a superhuman edge.

Based in Vigevano, Italy, YouBionic have pledged to continually utilise modern technologies to change both the way in which we interact with the world and with one another.


The double bionic hand, which took a year to develop, is now for sale.

Federico said: “The ambitious goal of YouBionic is to improve the human race by making the use of the technologies that we have available.

“We work each day to develop devices that can interface human beings with machines.

“The goal is to increase the capabilities of us as humans.

“I’m convinced the brain can handle more than what we believe, so we study each day to bring this idea into the real world and improve what we know about ourselves.

 “We are currently selling the developer unit version, but we are looking for financial backers to bring this project into the mainstream.


 “I imagine in the future we will see a real merge between man and machine – and YouBionic will hopefully be at the forefront of this.

“We have some great products lined up that will help us with this idea, but it does depend on the financial resources available. 

“We are looking for investors who believe in our mission and who want to travel with us down this difficult, but necessary road to meet the future.”