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By Josh Saunders

A balding barber has fixed his horrific fake-hair tattoo described as the “WORLD’S WORST ATTEMPT’ because it looks like droplets of ‘paint’.

PICS BY JONATHAN GEROW / CATERS NEWS: SMP Pro Jonathan Gerow described the hair tattooing as one of the worlds worst attempts and that it looked like paint droplets

Froilan Fabian, 32, from Shenandoah in Pennsylvania, USA, has hidden his hair beneath a hat for the past two-years since having a tattoo artist try to create the imitation hair.

He was left with paint-like splodges of varying sizes, after trying to ‘save money’ by spending $500 (GBP) to get a cheap tattooist to perform scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

The tattooed spots were so bad, Froilan says it was only a ‘little bit better than being bald’ and even had laser removal surgery to reduce its appearance last year.

After seeking out the help of SMP professional Jonathan Gerow, xx, he described the work as the ‘Wold’s worst attempt’ and plans to give him a natural hairline in the future.

PICS BY JONATHAN GEROW / CATERS NEWS: Here SMP Pro Jonathan Gerow works on Froilan Fabians head to fix the awful hair tattoo

In a video, the horrific hair tattooing is revealed as a warning to others and reiterate the importance of researching the specialist and not choosing the ‘cheapest option’.

Froilan, owner of barbershop Upgrade Era, said: “The final results were horrible, it wasn’t what I was looking for and it wasn’t realistic, you can’t walk around the same looking like you have paint on you.

“The problem was with the size and the thickness of the dots, it was extremely painful too, it was honestly more painful than having it removed with laser surgery a year later.

“I thought it was the worst thing I’d ever done and the worst mistake I’d ever made.

“I had been researching SMP for a long time and met a professional tattooist who told me he could get it done and was extremely cheap.

“It was just extremely wrong and done by a very unprofessional person, he basically lied saying he had done SMP work before and tricked me into getting it.

“I tried to save money and instead I’ve had to invest more, it was bad move on my part.

PICS BY JONATHAN GEROW / CATERS NEWS: Here SMP Pro Jonathan Gerow works on Froilan Fabians head to fix the awful hair tattoo

“Being cheap is not the way to go, if you do like me it won’t go the right way and you’ll end up spending double.

“I already felt naked throughout the process of losing hair and then getting that done was even worse.

“It was so bad I didn’t ever want to take my hat off, I don’t have it on while sleeping but apart from that my wife is always used to seeing me in a hat. 

“I can’t wait to change how I look now, it will be a new experience, Jonathan is 100% legit and professional.

“I already know I will be much happier and more confident, it’s just a fact.

Froilan started researching scalp micropigmentation two-years-ago, after starting to lose his hair.

He was hoping to make his hair look thicker, to look better while representing his barbershop business.

Froilan said: “I wanted to have the hair tattoo because I’m always out there meeting new people and need to represent my company.

“I needed to have it done because I’m out there in the field as a barber, I’m a role model to these people so I need to look as sharp as I can.”

PICS BY JONATHAN GEROW / CATERS NEWS: Froilan now has his hair fixed

But instead, after spending $500 to have a tattoo artist work on his scalp he was left more embarrassed and eventually had laser removal surgery last year.

Froilan said: “I had it for about two years and even needed laser treatment in order to remove some of the pigmentation that was done so badly and deep into my skin.

 “I didn’t realise it would be something so critical that has affected me for the rest of my life.

“I didn’t feel too bad at first, in my eyes it was only a little bit better than being bald, but over time I realise how bad it looked.”

Froilan said: “When I saw Jonathan and his work, there was a big difference compared to what I had received.

“I decided to go with him and remove the damage the other guy had done, I didn’t truly realise how bad it was until meeting Jonathan and realising how it should look.

“I know Jonathan will work his miracles after laser removal for all of the previous tattoo work, so he can work over it. 

Jonathan Gerow has been practicing as an SMP artist for over seven years and performed over 6,000 treatments.

PICS BY JONATHAN GEROW / CATERS NEWS:Later this month, Froilan hopes to put his ordeal behind him when visit SMP artist Jonathan Gerow will be able to fix the damage done to his scalp by a profession.

He says the biggest problem arises when people attempt to do it themselves or use tattoo artists who are untrained.

Jonathan Gerow said: “It’s one of if not the world’s worst attempts I’ve ever seen in my life.

“With this job, it looked like they were using a tattooing needle, which is much larger than the needles I use.

“Then depth was way off with them going deeper in some spots and barely touching others, they outlined a hairline on his head.

“It was that bad I thought he had done the work himself, a lot of guys come to me wanting to learn the technique.

“I thought he must have been practicing on his own head but it was actually done by a tattoo artist.

“I felt particularly sorry for this guy too because he’s a barber and has had to wear a hat for a while hiding what happened to his head.

“After the first session, he will see immediate results and maybe need two in total, even though lasered off treatment there’s still underlining shade under the scalp – he will have really nice results.”

Jonathan learned the technique to help his mum, Alice Gerow, who lost her hair during chemotherapy treatment – sadly she passed away from cancer in 2009 before he had mastered the technique.


He tributes his work to his mum, channelling his passion to helping others from people who are losing their hair to those with alopecia, going through chemo and more.

Jonathan said: “I started this because of my mom going through chemo, so I take it personally when I see bad jobs and train people from all over the world.

“A lot of people think it’s just like a tattoo but it’s a whole different technique and the bad work generally comes from untrained tattoo artists or people attempting it themselves.

“It takes a lot of work and skill to do SMP, you need to have two to three sessions with thousands of impressions each time.

“I start off with a soft base then go a little darker, following the grain of the hair and how it falls from the scalp, which is what makes my work unique – I pioneered that myself years ago.

“There are numerous people who watch my videos and try to learn on their own, unfortunately some of them offer training despite not even know the proper way of performing SMP.

“Also, improper training leads to ‘Blow Outs’ where the ink goes too deep in the scalp and the pigments migrate together.”