Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

This is the scariest tumble you could ever take – somersaulting over 100 feet in the air.

 Dressed as unicorns, the paraglider pilot takes his passenger on a wild ride through the skies.

Bernhard Kalin/Caters News

Climbing above the cliffs of Oludeniz, Turkey, Ferdi Toy gives his tandem rider a scenic view of the landscape before turning everything upside down.

After asking if he is ready, Ferdi pulls on the paraglider’s lines and starts a series of 20 stomach churning somersaults towards the ground. 

The film was shot by Swiss paragliding instructor Bernhard Kälin, who captured Turkish tandem acro pilot Ferdi, 25, taking Australian world record skydiver Chris McDougall 41 for his first infinity tumble. 

Bernhard Kalin/Caters News

Chris, who also filmed the experience from his hotseat, said: “I am an Australian and world champion with 20 years skydiving experience and 19 years BASE jumping experience, having made over 3800 jumps in 41 countries.

 “But this is my first time experiencing an infinity acro paraglide and it was just amazing.

“I have done some seriously scary stuff before and that was actually one of the scariest things I have ever done. I loved it so much.

Bernhard Kalin/Caters News

“The people who do that every day are crazy, and I can’t wait for my next go.”

Describing the process, pilot Ferdi said: “We powered through a spiral turn and then pulled the break on the other side. That starts the infinity tumble.

“It’s difficult to calculate the speed because it is constantly changing, but we did 30 turns upside down.”