hippo rescued

This is the moment an adorable baby hippo was saved from certain death, after being rescued from a thick mud-pool after spending several days alone and scared.

Spotted in the depths of the remote Kiunga Forest, in Kenya, Humpty the hippo found herself stranded in a fast-drying swamp of mud, surrounded by flailing catfish, after being abandoned by her mother.

Dehydrated, severely sunburnt and barely able to move, the miniature calf would’ve been certain to die if not for the rescuers from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), who were on hand to pull Humpty to safety.

Using a huge net, rescuers waded into the stodgy, knee-deep mud, where they could heave the baby hippo out of its clutches and out to the safety of the Sheldrick Trust HQ rehabilitation clinic, in Kaluku.