Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

This toddler certainly changes her tune – especially when dad starts trying to since her favourite song.

Little Alexia Rologas is obsessed with Kelly Clarkson’s hit ‘Since U Been Gone’ and her face is a picture of delight when her dad George, 32, starts to play it on the car’s stereo.

But her joy quickly turns to anguish as her dad tries to join in the singing.

PIC FROM Caters News

The three-year-old quickly screws her face up and begins to scream to get her dad to shut up.

After several seconds George asks ‘can’t daddy sing’ only to get a very firm ‘no’ from his daughter.

Hilariously, each time George gives up Alexia immediately settles back into her car seat satisfied.

George, from Broadview, Australia, said: “Every time, without fail, my little girl turns psycho when I start singing along to her favourite song.

“She has always loved that song and doesn’t seem to like anyone else singing it. So she goes crazy if someone starts singing along with her.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I love her face when I play the song, that shows she loves it.

“She was so happy… until I started singing. As you can see the difference in her reactions from when she first heard it to when I start singing is huge.

“I actually like the song myself, so part of me was playing with her but part of me genuinely did want to sing along.

“She wasn’t happy for a while but eventually she forgot about it and we had a fun day.