By Mikey Jones 

Forget fit for a king – this once grand palace is barely fit for a pauper.

Covered in dust and cobwebs and will brickwork and ceilings collapsing, this Polish palace is really showing its age.

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS

But pictures inside the 500-year-old building give a glimpse of how grand it would have been in its prime.

Stunning gold detailing still lines the walls of the huge dining room and intricate wooden carvings adorn the ceiling of the main staircase.

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS 

The stunning pictures were taken by Dutch photographer and IT service provider Roman Robroek.

Roman, 30, said: “The architecture is breathtaking and the detail in the woodwork is simply amazing. High-quality craftsmanship went into making every little bit of this building.

“Considering how long it’s been abandoned it’s still in quite a good shape.

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS 

“It’s obviously very big with many rooms. One of the rooms is a huge ballroom where many parties were held.

“It has a very rich and interesting history. Its current shape was completed at the end of the 18th century, but the original part of the building is significantly older and the property has been in possession of Family von Raueck since early 16th century.

“Several famous guests have visited the palace, for example John Quincy Adams.

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS 

“The last reconstruction took place towards the end of the 19th century after a big fire.

“After the second World War the state became the owner of the palace and housed a school in it. Unfortunately, at the end of the 20th century the palace fell into disrepair. It is now in the hands of an investor and registered as a monument.

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS 

“The palace can only be visited with permission of the caretaker. Locating the caretaker and convincing him to give you permission to access the palace is the only challenging part since he doesn’t speak any English and isn’t always home.”