By Mikey Jones

An Indian tiger reserve held an incredible funeral for one of its big cats that was electrocuted by an illegal fence.

This series of photographs show a tigress’ body being picked up, covered in flowers and eventually burned in a spiritual funeral.

Wasif Jamshed / CATERS NEWS

She was killed outside of the Tiger Reserve Nagpur Maharashtra after being caught in an illegal 2000 volt electric fence.

Wasif Jamshed took the photographs of the tigress’ funeral at the reserve.

Wasif, 37, said: “The tigress was electrocuted outside of the reserve because of an illegal electric high voltage fence.

PIC BY Wasif Jamshed / CATERS NEWS

“Before the tiger came to our reserve, there was a killing order issued for this tigress as she had killed four humans – but people wanted me to come and tranquillise this tigress and save her life.

“I am a wildlife expert and my subject is tiger tracking behaviour. This was the first tiger that died in my work span of twelve years.

PIC BY Wasif Jamshed / CATERS NEWS

“After her death I decided to show her full respect and give her an Indian ritual of after death – after prayer, we burned her like a human so that she can make her way to heaven.”