By Kristiana Hall 

A group of mischievous monkeys have been caught sitting in the driver’s seat of a car – enjoying their very own safari.

Vicky Patel, 23, from Bengal, India, watched as the monkeys piled into the empty Jeep and took over the driver and back seats of the vehicle.

 Vicky Patel / Caters News

The animals definitely appeared to be enjoying themselves, swapping seats to get the best views.

The photographer spent 10 minutes snapping the images at Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, in October.

Vicky said: “I was on a wild safari when I spotted the monkeys climbing into the car.

 Vicky Patel / Caters News

“I love wildlife photography and this has been one of my favourite images so far.

“We were actually out looking for tigers when we spotted the monkeys.

“It was so funny that I had to make sure we stopped so I could take some pictures.”