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By Ben Walley

An autistic man received an adorable birthday surprise from his co-workers – and he could not contain his excitement!

Clyde Austin was treated by his co-workers on his 47th birthday with a hamper of his favourite drinks and food dishes.

His co-workers at Kohls in Hilton, US, surprised their co-worker with the amazing gift while he was on shift.

Shanin Tyo/Caters News

Shanin Tyo captured Clyde’s incredibly grateful reaction to receiving his presents on camera.

Shanin, 42, said: “It was Clyde’s birthday, so we decided to do something special and make him feel wanted. We wanted people to know it was his birthday too!

“He loves the Bing drinks, so we made him a basket full of all different flavours. We also made Clyde some spaghetti and meatballs, and cheesecake.

“Doing this for Clyde made us so happy. Despite him having autism, he doesn’t let that stop him from what he is doing.

Shanin Tyo/Caters News

“There are so many people here that are super nice and patient to him, but there are others that are inpatient and very rude.

“We wanted to do something special for him so he knows that there are people out there that care about him!”