Taniya Dutta 

A woman was horrifically branded with hot tongs by her husband and father-in-law after she was suspected of having an affair.

Jhamku, 22, was brutally burnt all over her body all because she had answered a call from an unknown person.

The woman, who married Bhagga Gameti two years ago and has a toddler son with him, had received a call from an unknown number on Sunday.

Overhearing the conversation, Bhagga and his father Lehri Lal too spoke to the caller but failing to identify him, they suspected Jhamku of infidelity with the caller.

Pic by Caters News

To teach her a lesson, they first beat her up with sticks and then burnt her legs, face, chest and genitals with hot tongs.

The helpless woman kept crying for mercy but they did not stop torturing her. More appallingly, the whole village gathered outside Gameti’s house hearing her cries for help but no one tried to help her.

The whole drama unfolded for nearly two hours before she was left to writhe in pain.

Soon the news of the incident broke out in nearby villages and a social worker heard of it who sprung into action and reported the incident to the local police.

Pic by Caters News

Shockingly, the police try a cover up act and registered it as a petty case by granting bail to the accused at police station itself.

But on Wednesday evening, after pressure from local authorities, Bhagga was arrested.

“I heard of the incident from a volunteer stationed near the village. I sprang for her help and took the matter to the police. At first the police had not registered a case of domestic violence against the woman,” said Bhojraj Singh, the social activist.

Jhamku was sent to her parent’s house where she is being given medical treatment at home. and would be taken to a hospital by police for a medical examination later in the day.

Om Kumar, police officer who is handling the case said: “We have arrested the husband and will arrest the other accused if he too is found guilty during the course of investigation.”