Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the emotional moment a family who lost everything in a ferocious house fire – including their beloved pet dog – surprise their children with a new pup, in an attempt to fill the void in their lives.


For Ashley Sylvia and her family, from Bluffdale, Utah, life would never be quite the same again after March 23rd, when a fearsome fire tore through their family home, reducing everything they owned to dust.

Causing a staggering $325,000 of damage, the most tragic news of all came when Ashley watched on to see firefighters carrying out the family’s beloved five-year-old Dachshund, Flash, from the blaze, who lay lifeless in the fireman’s arms.

Six-months on from the ‘traumatising’ tragedy, the Sylvia family have now moved back into their fully renovated home, but still something was missing: Flash.

Though their adored Dachshund could ‘never possibly be replaced’, Ashley and her husband, Andrew, had a very special surprise for their three children, Dallin, Claire and Delaney.


Walking into the kitchen as the three children sit at the table, in Andrew’s arms sits the newest addition to the Sylvia family, an adorable adopted dog named Teddy, who instantly reduces Dallin and Claire to tears.

Overwhelmed by the surprise, Ashley and family finally feel as if the Sylvia contingent is whole once again.

Ashley, who was later told the fire started after the children’s hover-board malfunctioned and exploded, said: “We were at a party when we received a call saying our house was on fire.

“Despite flames bursting from the house, I was hopeful that Flash would make it through.

“Unfortunately, just a few minutes later I saw the firemen coming out holding Flash, but in his arms, was a limp and lifeless pup.

“I immediately fell to me knees and began sobbing, it felt like a scene from a horror film.

“Breaking the news to the children was the hardest part of all, we all cried together for what seemed like forever.


“We were fortunate enough to have amazing support from our community and the children handled everything incredibly well.

“Though six months later we moved back into our home and everything felt positive again, a certain presence was missing.

“We had been searching for a little while, but after seeing the ad for Teddy, I drove and picked him up that day, without even telling my husband.

“It was truly so beautiful to see my kids so happy.

“With all the pain and hurt they had been through this year, it was definitely time for some joy.


“Teddy is fitting so well with the family, he truly is such a blessing.

“As much as we miss our Flash, we know he is sat watching over us.”