Amazing Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

A man has made stomach’s churn after he back-flipped from a mountain hundreds of feet in the air.

The footage shows an adventurer stood on the edge of a cliff hundreds of feet into the air.

As the footage continues, it shows the base jumper, Jack, proceeding to do a back-flip off of the cliff edge.

However, Jack quickly releases his parachute – causing anyone’s fear of heights to quickly be softened.

The jumper’s friend, Michael Racicot, from Canada, filmed the footage.

Michael, 37, said: “This was the first time that Jack had completed a base jump off of a cliff, so he was very very nervous.

“But it was amazing – it went as smooth as possible and he was very excited afterwards. Even just watching it from the sidelines was amazing too, however.

“I have been base jumping for ten years, but this was his first time jumping from a cliff as opposed to doing it from a bridge.”