Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This husky doesn’t trust his family’s new Christmas decoration so much that he runs away from it as it looks strangely familiar.

Confronted by a glittery canine intruder at home in Smyrna, Georgia, USA, wary pooch Kodi instantly stares down the decoration.

Barking loudly as he looks ready to pounce, the three-year-old decides not to make the first move and even jumps backwards as the husky ornament moves towards him.

With owner Karl Rushford teasing Kodi further, the dozy dog even runs away around the living room corner to escape the toy bought from Target.

Karl said: “I’ve never laughed at something so much.

“Kodi has never barked at anything like this before.

“He is normally a quiet dog, especially for a husky.

“It must be the fact it looks so similar that he doesn’t trust it.

“Even a couple of weeks later he still doesn’t like the decoration and barks at it for a few minutes each day.”