Video Viral

By Harriet Whitehead

A mum was stunned when her toddler appeared to shout out f***er when asked what he learned at nursery.

Laura Atkinson caught the hilarious outburst on video as she drove little Ayrton home last week.

But she later discovered her beloved boy is not foul-mouthed, he’s just repeating letters he had just learnt using the phonic alphabet.

The funny video shows two-year-old Ayrton flicking through a copy of The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley and when asked what he learnt at school the tot replies ‘fff’ and ‘ccc’.

Encouraged by the giggles coming from parents Ben, 39, and Laura, 31, and older sister Amelia, six, he continues to shout what sounds like ‘f**ker’ five times.

Full-time mum Laura, from Maidenhead, said: “We were in the back of the car on our way back from nursery when he picked up this book to read and that’s what he said the story said.

“It was The Water Babies gifted to my daughter Amelia. It’s not the kind of book you would normally find a two and half year old reading.

“He is saying ‘f’ the phonic way and he’s putting that together with ‘c’. He’s decided the two sounded beautiful together.

“It gives us the giggles and the more we laughed the more he said it.

“He was not being naughty which was what made it funny.

“He’s only two and a half so he’s not swearing.”

Laura said his older sister Amelia was also laughing because her parents were rather than because she knew what the word sounded like.

Laura said: “We film the kids all the time doing all sorts.

“Ayrton is a showman. He’s generally quite a witty person and I think he’s got an older sense of humour for a little person. He is quite a comedian. He’s a really funny boy with a wicked sense of humour.

“We put quite a lot of videos on Facebook and our friends said this one was really funny so we decided to share it.

“Everyone has been commenting on how comical it is.”