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By Bilal Kuchay

A 25-year-old woman in India has been arrested along with two of her lovers – after being accused of having her husband murdered.

Monika Mali, from Sukher in Udaipur in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, got married to a 27-year-old bike mechanic, Vinod Mali, in June.


But police claim she was having affairs with two other men – and the three of them hatched a plot to kill her husband just six months into the marriage.

Bhagwat Singh Bhati, a senior police officer who is investigating the case, said: “Monika got married to the victim six months back but since than the couple often use to have arguments as she was having affairs with two men Durgesh Teli and Kapil Mali.

“During the initial interrogation, Monika told us that she was a divorcee and was having an affair with Durgesh before getting marrying Vinod.

“Apart from that she was also having an affair with Kapil, who is also a relative of her deceased husband.”

Following her relations with Durgesh and Kapil, the accused woman along with her lovers fetched a plan to murder her husband.

Bhati said: “Kapil had called Vinod at the crime scene on the pretext of repairing his motorbike.

“But when he reached at the scene, Kapil and Durgesh took him to an isolated under construction building and killed him by smashing his head with a stone.”

Vinod’s body was found by a passerby on Wednesday morning, who informed the police.


“Vinod’s face was completely disfigured, his eyes were damaged.

“Under his body, we found his mobile phone. There were 250 missed calls on his phone by family members.

“We called back on some numbers and got in touch with his family. ”

It was during the investigation of the case when police found clues about victim’s wife to be involved in the murder.

Bhati said: “Upon questioning her in relation to her husband’s murder, Monika first tried to mislead the police but later she accepted her crime.

“She also revealed the names of both her lovers and their roles in the murder conspiracy.”


Upon getting the names of both the accused police arrested them from their hideouts and booked them under the charges of murder.

All the three accused persons are still under police interrogation.