Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This car mad couple have combined their love of mustangs, and good news, to have the perfect gender reveal.

Sabrina Noel/Caters News

Sabrina Noel and Michael Hokanson-Dion, from Massachusetts, United States, revealed the gender of their first child through their love of cars.

After having their neighbour purchase the right colour smoke, the couple changed the tyre of their mustang to reveal the blue smoke – representing their baby boy.

The US couple are due to have their son, Brantley Keith, in March 2018.

Sabrina, 23, said: “My boyfriend loves mustangs and doing burnouts – so we did some research to see if we could make the smoke from a burnout pink or blue.

Sabrina Noel/Caters News

“It turned out that you could order tyres to do so, so we had our neighbour order the colour tyres according to the gender of the baby.

“We felt extremely happy when we saw the reveal as it was a total surprise to us.

“I immediately started crying, it was just such a happy, emotional moment and experience for both of us. Everyone there was cheering and crying, and loved the idea.

“A lot of people thought that the idea was very creative – it’s something that we haven’t seen before for a gender reveal.”