Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This is the hilarious moment a mum thinks her pet dog’s tail has fallen off when she finds a piece of chewed up carpet in the hall.

As Veronica McCluskey films her faithful cocker spaniel Dexter, her mum Helena suddenly starts screaming her name out of the room.

Rushing to see what is wrong, the dismayed mother starts shouting ‘the dog’s tail has fe…’ before realising ‘oh no it’s the carpet’.

Unable to control her laughter, Veronica laughs as her mum continues to explain she thought five-month-old Dexter’s fluffy black tail was lying on the floor.

Veronica, from Strathaven, South Lanarks, said: “My mum has said some stupid things in the past, but this was a first 

“The thing that my mum thought was his tail was a piece of carpet thread Dexter had been chewing.

“I thought it was hilarious, just my mum being her typical self.

“Nobody else was in, but I wish they had because I’m sure they would have found it just as funny.”