Video Viral

By Charles Creasey

A disgruntled motorist has slammed Royal Mail for ‘putting lives at risk’ after she filmed a delivery van swerving past an oncoming ambulance and driving down the pavement.

Caroline Mullineaux caught the impatient Royal Mail van driver on dashcam who didn’t slow down for the emergency vehicle with its lights flashing.

The 41-year-old insurance claims handler was ‘dumfounded’ when the van then mounted the kerb and barged its way through at about 30mph without pausing while they slowed down to let it pass.

She had been on a shopping trip with her husband Brett, 44, in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, when she spotted the Royal Mail van driving in front.

The mum-of-two has criticised Royal Mail for not adequately training their drivers and claims something needs to be done before ‘lives are lost’.

Caroline said: “I was just dumbfounded. The whole thing was just reckless and inconsiderate. I can’t believe he didn’t wait for thirty seconds and he’s just done something as reckless as that.

“I know it’s Christmas and that Royal Mail have to play Santa Claus, but they shouldn’t be trying to play the Grim Reaper at the same time – there’s a primary school on that road.

“When you go out driving you’re representing your company aren’t you? We all have to help the emergency services and I couldn’t believe somebody would do that.

“I bet he didn’t deliver the parcel any faster. He didn’t even get one car in front. Nobody was going to overtake him and he wasn’t in that much of a rush not to be able to hang on for one second.

“He just had no consideration for anybody or anything around him.”

Royal Mail backed the driver and claimed it was taking appropriate action to let the ambulance pass.

But Caroline shared the video across social media to raise awareness of reckless driving and encourage people to follow proper procedure when confronted with emergency service vehicles.

She added: “The van was in front of us doing about 30 mph. He saw the ambulance coming up towards us and we started to pull in to allow it to pass. It’s just intuition to let an ambulance go.

“An ambulance is clearly going somewhere to help somebody. He was endangering the ambulance, anybody on the kerb, plus the person the ambulance was going to help.

“Instead of pulling in he just kerbed it in front of all those houses. If someone came out of those houses, let’s imagine someone pushing a pram. Well, you don’t push a pram backwards do you? Someone could have been killed.

“You just don’t expect to walk outside your front garden to have to watch for traffic.”

Caroline has called for better training for Royal Mail drivers, and hopes to raise awareness about the need for regular training for all goods vehicle drivers.

Caroline said: “The driver should have just hung on for a second and taken a step back. He probably did it without any thought and it’s scary because as a driver you should be good at what you do.

“I mean, what about driver refresher courses? Drivers have a duty to their employers to be good drivers.

“I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he’d had a blow out? He would have been straight through someone’s wall – or someone’s door.”

A Royal Mail Spokeswoman said: “We have reviewed this video and it is quite clear that the postman driving took an emergency measure to mount the pavement to allow an ambulance to pass for a matter of seconds, given the HGVs parked with hazards flashing on the other side the road.

“There was no one on the pavement at the time and the driver took the correct action to allow an emergency vehicle to pass.”