Video Viral

By Becca Husselbee

A careless driver appears to be watching a video on his mobile phone as he drives at 70 mph along the motorway.

Michael Scott, 33, from Winson Green, Birmingham, was traveling southbound along the M6 when his onboard dash camera caught the footage of the driver in a white BMW Z4, apparently watching his mobile phone.

The driver appears to be seen with his phone resting in front of his steering wheel covering his speedometer as he drives along the busy motorway at around 5.30pm.

Michael said: “When I joined the motorway, a BMW Z4 driver was in the lane next to me and slowly overtook and I noticed he had a device, presumably a mobile phone, placed resting on his speedometer behind the steering wheel.

“This was blocking his view of his speed and other engine problems that may have occurred whilst he was moving.”

It is an offence to use a mobile phone behind the wheel and motorists can receive six points on their license as well as a £200 fine.