Video Viral

By Katy Gill

Quirky comedian Russell Brand took a spin around the theatre sat on the lap of an audience member’s mobility scooter.

As Aaron Seabrook watched on at the Portsmouth Guildhall on Tuesday November 28, the movie star, presenter and author started chatting with his audience.

Having spotted a woman he recognised in the front row, Brand was told he had sat on her chair before but without her on. 

The pair then took a whirl through the seats, with the entertainer leaving his audience in stitches as he shouts ‘yes I’m getting hard, very hard’.

Aaron, 22, said: “Everyone was in stitches at what he did.

“People have commented saying it was like ‘Lambogranny’.

“It was my first time seeing a comedian and it was all so unexpected.

“Russell was going around asking people about the most embarrassing things they’ve done, to emphasise how everyone has something.

“Whilst doing so he saw a lady on a scooter and she explained how she goes to all of his shows and he had a go on her scooter before.

“Russell then said let’s do it again and sat on her lap, going on to get the other people on scooters/ in wheelchairs to move out of the way and do a lap around the venue.”