By Jamie Smith 

A teenage photographer has captured some incredible pictures after befriending a family of foxes and setting up a timed camera to take close-up snaps from the perspective of their prey.

Kyle Moore, 19, learnt the movements and behaviour of the suburban fox family and spent months following them near his home in Wanstead, London.

Pic by Kyle Moore Photography/Caters News

The images were taken in a park area which is left to grow ‘wild’ throughout the summer months.

The teenager wildlife photographer said: “I love the eye contact in these images. They really give you a sense of what the prey must see moments before they’re eaten.

“Small rodents such as voles and mice make up a large percentage of a fox’s diet.

Pic by Kyle Moore Photography/Caters News

“I have been working extensively with a family of foxes, getting to know each individual and gaining an amazing bond – allowing me to follow the foxes on their nightly habits and still capture natural behaviours.

“Gaining such a unique opportunity I was keen to try and capture some more unusual style images, which brought me to this small series of images.

Pic by Kyle Moore Photography/Caters News

“The emphasis was that of the ‘Preys Eye View’, for example, a small rodent such as a mouse which may be on the unfortunate receiving end.”