Offbeat Video

By Jamie Smith

An adrenaline junkie has filmed himself skiing down a dry cliff – with no snow beneath his skis.

Pic by Tim Howll/Caters News

Tim Howell, 28, can be seen launching himself in his skis, off of the side of a cliff in the French Alps.

The daredevil can be seen skiing over some leafs before approaching the cliffs edge.

Upon seeing the edge, Tim then continues to ski and launches himself from the edge – before opening his parachute to soar to the bottom of the Alps.

Pic by Tim Howll/Caters News

Tim, from Somerset, said: “I was in the French Alps because I was looking for the perfect location to do this stunt for a while.

“This place had all of the variables I needed to do a ski base jump with no snow.

“I have done quite a few base jumps and I was curious to see whether it would be possible for me to do one without snow.”