By Laura Dale

A Jennifer Lawrence lookalike is thanking strangers for spotting her similarities with the A-list star.

Alexia Maier, 17, had no idea she was Jennifer Lawrence’s doppelganger until strangers began mistaking her for the Hunger Games actress.

Pic by Alexia Mai / Caters News

At first, Alexia, who is a model, thought it was a joke until she began receiving dozens of stares and comments when out and about.

Alexia, from Ponte Vedra, Florida, has left strangers confused after they’re convinced she’s the real deal.

She said: “At first I thought it was a joke when people started saying I looked like Jennifer Lawrence.

“But when I started getting dozens of comments about my J-Law similarities, I started to realise it myself.

“In my hometown, people know they’re not going to see a real celebrity, so I’ve been told I look like her, but never confused.

“But when visiting New York, people will ask me for autographs.

Pic by Alexia Mai / Caters News

“I think one of my favourite examples is when a woman said ‘Jennifer, I’m your biggest fan!’

“I told her, ‘I’m not Jennifer!’ but the woman immediately said, ‘are you sure?’ I’ll never forget her reaction.

“At first it was surprise, then awe, then disappointment.”

Despite her uncanny resemblance to J-Law, Alexia isn’t a fan of the actress.

She added: “I know this is not the answer people are expecting from me, but I am not a fan.

Pic by Alexia Mai / Caters News

“Even so, I can acknowledge that Jennifer has definitely impacted my life in strange ways.

“I got a lot of attention in the first couple years of high school because of my similarities to her.

“I was also subjected to a lot of online attention when I was pretty young, good and bad, but both have managed to help shape me as a person.”