Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

This poor creature is trying to get BAT on his feet – after tearing a wing in the wild.

Bruce Wayne, an adult brown bat, was filmed by his rescuers at Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue supping a bat ‘protein shake’.

The tasty mixture, designed to help him recover after he sustained a ripped wing, consisted of crushed mealworms and insects.

PIC FROM Caters News

After eight weeks and moving back on to solid food, Bruce Wayne was released back into the wild.

A spokesperson for the centre in Ontario, Canada said: “Bruce Wayne came into our rescue centre with a rip in his wing, but happily we have since been able to release him into the wild.

“He stayed with us for eight weeks while he recovered.

“In the video he is eating a protein mix made for bats, which consists of crushed meal worms and insects.

“We had to feed him like this until he was ready to take food on his own.

PIC FROM Caters News

“We were happy he was eating, which meant that he was staying healthy and on his way back to the wild.

“We know he is more than a year old as he is fully grown, but we would have no way of knowing his exact age as he wasn’t born at the centre.”