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bacon butty

By Sophie Norris

A plumber claims that Greggs is his ‘religion’ after buying a bacon butty and sausages from the bakery chain every day for THREE YEARS – spending a whopping £2,184.

Josh Weeks says he simply ‘doesn’t feel right’ each morning if he doesn’t splash £2 on the ‘bargain brekkie’ of a bacon and sausage sandwich and a hot chocolate.

Comparing his habit to that of people who feel bad if they don’t go to pray in church, the 22-year-old will often have a sausage roll in his POCKET if he knows there is not a Greggs near his next job.

Staff at his local Greggs even know Josh by name and despite believing the only days he has missed in three years are Christmas days, the plumber claims he is fit and healthy – though has put on a few pounds.


Josh, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, said: “I go to Greggs every day – it’s my religion. People get up each morning and pray – I wake up and get a cob [a bacon and sausage butty].

“Sometimes I might mix it up and get a baguette but usually I stick to the deal.

“If I don’t have something from there every morning, I feel like something isn’t right.

“I go there before work and like people who go to church and pray, if I don’t go I know I should.”

Surprisingly, Josh hadn’t given his daily trips any thought until his workmates and even his boss starting to ring and ask if he was stuck in a Greggs queue whenever he was late.

Josh said: “I didn’t really think about how much I was stopping off there until my friends and my boss started to joke around.


“It was only when they were laughing at me for going every day that I thought ‘oh, I do’.

“If I know I’ll be working somewhere that doesn’t have one, I’ll stock up in the morning before I set off. I’ve even got a sausage roll on me now.

“There is a Greggs inside Tesco in Chesterfield and the staff know my name.”

Even when he enjoys a breakfast made by his fiancée, Ellie Greenfield, who will make him a ‘bigger cob’ as a treat, Josh cannot resist stopping by his favourite food outlet for a snack later on.


Despite tucking into bacon butty each day for three years, he claims he is healthy, fit and has only gained a small amount of weight around the waist.

Josh said: “Every now and then I will have a big cob at home but very rarely.

“I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else because if I went elsewhere, I couldn’t even get a coffee for that price.

“I go so often but I don’t even have a loyalty card because I lose them so easily. I suppose if I did have one I’d have saved a lot of money over the years.

“Despite eating bacon and sausage cobs every day, I’m healthy.


“I’m a bit ignorant towards it really, but if I count up all the calories it is quite a lot.

“I guess I have put on a bit of weight in the past year but I don’t know if that’s because of Greggs.”

Now, his friend Jack Evison, also 22, is urging Greggs to create a special award for him to acknowledge his loyalty to the brand.

Jack said: “He absolutely loves his bacon and sausage barms.

“I do go with him quite a lot because we work together but I don’t get it as often as him.


“He’s obsessed with it – I’m sure he’s addicted. He must be keeping them in business in Chesterfield.

“When I first started working there last year, he’d say “let’s go to Greggs” and I’d think ‘what, again?’

“I knew Josh through other friends for a while before I started working with him but I had no idea he was always at Greggs.

“I think they should give him some discount or something. They should make him a special sausage roll or something. He deserves an award for his loyalty.”