By Jamie Smith 

This ski run looks far from easy-pistey – instead it’s an almost vertical drop down the mountain.

In dramatic images, the tiny dark spec of professional skier John Collinson can be seen charging down sheer white mountainside.

Pic by Tero Repo/Caters News

Carving through the snow at speed he kicks up huge clouds of powder behind him.

At one point he is even forced to avoid a localised avalanche.

The pictures were taken by Swiss photographer and director Tero Repo on the Breithorn mountain on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

Pic by Tero Repo/Caters News

Tero, 39 said: “We were close to Breithorn, shooting some photos for a film production called This is Home.

“Superb skier John Collinson was making a turn on some very exposed terrain.

“He was pushing to the limits and skiing absolutely at the next level.

“It was incredible to watch and I feel grateful to have captured the moment.”